Information on a Particular Medication

To find information on a particular medication, first go to our Medications page. The menu lists both the generic and brand names of the most common psychiatric drugs.

Information on each medication includes the following:

The information for most of these drugs are from the official Canadian monographs. There can be differences in indications, dosage forms and warnings for these drugs in other countries.

Research Information

For each of these medication, we also have research information that can be selected from the individual medication page, or from a separate Medication Research page.

The research information contains topics such as:

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Additional Information on Medications

For addition information on medications, you can try the following:

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Medications Not Listed on Our Site

For medications not listed on our site, you can try the web sites specializing in medications listed under "Drug Information" on our Internet Links page.

You can also trying using the search engines such as Alta Vista listed on our Internet Links page to search other web sites.

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Questions on Medications

We are not able to answer specific questions from patients, friends, or family members regarding medication. You can try the following:

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