Internet Links

Notes on Internet Links



We will list only English-language web sites providing more than 10 pages of scientifically sound mental health information free of charge, and whose primary purpose is not to sell a product or service.

We do not list any web sites linked to the Church of Scientology.


“Popularity” of Web Sites

Whenever possible, web sites are rated by “popularity” using asterisks (**) after the web site name.

We measure the popularity of a web site by the number of other web sites that have linked to it. This is determined using the link option of the Alta Vista search engine.

In the Alta Vista Simple query, use the criteria:

where is the site's URL.

For example, for our site, the criteria would be:

Because these numbers change frequently, we have replaced the numbers with an asterisk rating:

Rating Definition
* 1 - 9 other sites link to the site
** 10 - 99 other sites link to the site
*** 100 - 999 other sites link to the site
**** 1,000 - 9999 other sites link to the site
***** 10,000 - 99,999 other sites link to the site

Our way of measuring popularity is only one of many ways to measure this elusive concept. However, despite its flaws, we believe this is the simplest and fairest way of measuring “popularity.” It should be noted that this measure of “popularity” can change dramatically from month to month.

We do try to update these “popularity” measures on a semi-regular basis.

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