Internet Mental Health Scale 2000

Notes on Using the Questionnaire



Our Internet Mental Health Scale 2000 requires a Java-enable browser such as:

Netscape Navigator must be running under one of the following platforms: Windows 95, 98, or NT; Macintosh; Sun Solaris; SunOS; SGI Irix; DEC Unix; HP-UX; IBM AIX; or BSDI. The questionnaire requires a 32-bit operating system and will not run under Windows 3.1.

Make sure the Java option is enabled as follows:

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Our questionnaire is written in Java which does not allow direct printing from within a web browser.

To print the report, you need to select and copy the report, and then paste it into another application.

For example, in a Microsoft Windows environment, do the following:

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Printable Paper Version

We also have a printable paper version of the questionnaire in Adobe PDF format.

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Problems with Browsers

These are problems found using the browsers under Windows 95 and Windows 98.

Netscape Navigator 3.x and 4.x ***
No significant problems.

Netscape Navigator 2.x
There is a pause of about a minute between the Patient and User Information and the first question. There is no pause when you select Run Again after the first questionnaire session.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.x, 4.x, and 5.x ***
No significant problems.

*** These browsers are recommended

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Download a Java-enabled Browser

If you don't have a Java-enabled browser, you can download the following:

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Internet Mental Health ( copyright 1995-2003 by Phillip W. Long, M.D.