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Morgane Cadot



Morgane Cadot is a highly skilled medical writer and a valuable member of our Editorial Team. With proficiency in both English and French, Morgane brings a unique perspective to her work, ensuring that mental health information is accessible to a diverse audience. Her educational background includes a Master’s in Research with a focus on Translation from the University of Stirling, where she was an active participant in the Stirling University Drama Society. Morgane also holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) (Hons) in French Language and Literature from Lycée Déborde, where she excelled in Philosophy, French Literature, and Spoken and Written English.

Her dedication to mental health advocacy and effective communication make her an essential asset to, contributing to our mission of making optimal mental health attainable for all. Morgane’s ability to bridge language barriers and convey critical mental health information ensures that our resources reach a wider audience, aligning with our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility.


The University of Stirling
Masters in Research Translation
2011 - 2013

The University of Stirling
Bachelor of Arts (BA), French Language and Literature
2007 - 2011

Lycée Déborde
Baccalaureate Philosophy, French Literature, Spoken and Written English
2004 - 2007

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  • Nov 2nd 2022
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Diazepam, commonly sold under the brand name Valium, is a drug belonging to the family of medicines called benzodiazepines. It…

  • Written by Morgane Cadot
  • Medically reviewed by Tayler Hackett