At we understand that social media has become an essential aspect of modern communication and we are committed to meeting people where they are in this digital landscape. Under the guidance of Brandon Mimms, our Chief Social Officer, we are driving social media efforts to new heights. Renowned globally for entrepreneurship and innovation in social media marketing, Brandon’s mission centers on nurturing communities by guiding people towards self-understanding and connection.

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Our nurturing community guides people towards self-understanding and connection.

Thank you so much for reaching out and interacting with my account, it really means a lot as I have recently struggled with my mental health for a while.
– Amelia-anne
Hey, I just wanted to dm you about how I really appreciate the things you post, some of the stuff makes me feel not so alone with and I like that other people also feel the same!
– Lorelee
I appreciate what you´re doing here, it´s amazing and not everyone can spread this awareness!
– Anonymous

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We strive to initiate meaningful conversations around the topic of mental health.

Brandon Mimms
Brandon Mimms Co-Founder, CSO
Helena Georgiou
Helena Georgiou Co-Founder, Director
Colby Braun
Colby Braun Media Manager
Pamela de Orantes
Pamela de Orantes Social Media Assistant

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