About MentalHealth.com

At MentalHealth.com, we aim to be the go-to place for up-to-date, factual, and digestible information on mental health issues.

We believe It is important to provide relevant and reliable information on mental topics that is easily accessible and understood by all.

By doing this, we hope we will be able to help allay the stigma often attached to many mental health issues.

Writing and sourcing

Every page we produce has been written objectively, and our writers are instructed to be open to different theories and viewpoints when carrying out their work.

We will only publish content if it can be backed up by research or real-world evidence though. We only reference reliable sources and ensure we double-check all information used through rigorous editing.

We publish all our sources at the end of each article, so you can check where the information was found.

Medical reviewing

To ensure we stick to our commitment to only publishing accurate content, every article on MentalHealth.com is checked over by one of our carefully selected proofreaders before going online.

All of our medical proofreaders have a background in mental health and provide valuable insight and expertise.


Every article on mentalhealth.com has been written with complete impartiality.

We will not promote or suggest any form of treatment/product/brand over another unless our research has shown that these are better placed than others to help someone.

Even if we partner with a specific brand, this will not influence the content on the website or the way any future articles are written.