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We are focused on expanding care access, empowering choice, and enhancing care quality. Making optimal mental health attainable for everyone is our mission.

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From booking in-person consultations to accessing online therapy, our products and services are always designed with patients at the forefront.

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Our comprehensive library of resources offers accurate, reliable, and timely information on mental health conditions, medication, and therapy.

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Find the best licensed therapists, psychologists and counselors and compare treatment costs with our extensive directory.

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Access therapy from home with thousands of licensed therapists and experienced mental health counselors.

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We understand mental health challenges firsthand and approach every mental health journey with compassion. Our core values center around treating others with the same kindness and respect that we value for ourselves.


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We advance healthy communities by prioritizing open dialogue and supportive peer groups that welcome everyone.

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Background & Milestones

MentalHealth.com was co-founded by Helena Georgiou, Dr. Jesse Hanson, PhD, Brandon Mimms, Patrick Nagle, Daniel Rivette, and Jeff Smith. The company's advisory team includes distinguished healthcare leaders and technology entrepreneurs, such as Abhilash Patel, founder of Thermal Ventures and CEO at Within Health; Brian Trisler, co-founder of A Place for Mom; as well as Fred Joyal and Gary Saint-Denis, co-founders of 1-800-DENTIST.

  • June 30, 2022, our Co-Founder, Patrick Nagle, successfully secured the highly coveted domain name MentalHealth.com.
  • December 15, 2022, a draft website was first launched with support from Ben Wittams-Smith, James Wittams-Smith, and Tristan Kitchin.
  • August 4, 2023, MentalHealth.com successfully raised a seed venture capital round with participation from Patrick Nagle and Cicada Capital, LLC.
  • August 11, 2023, the company achieved its first major milestone with the successful launch of its BETA website, featuring a library of trusted resources.

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We are a diverse group of mental health experts, medical professionals, and health-tech leaders.

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Our team of writers consists of physicians, medical journalists, and advocates.

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Our medical reviewers ensure the highest quality with evidence-based content for your well-being.

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Embrace a sense of belonging and connection within our empowering community.


Keeping our readers well-informed by sharing company and product updates is crucial in building trust.

Mental Health News

A trusted resource, dedicated to delivering impactful news that keeps our audience informed and inspired for positive change.

Social Mental Health

An inclusive community where individuals openly discuss mental health, find resources, and overcome challenges together.