Digital Operations

Welcome to Digital Operations where our team works to provide reliable resources, accessible services, and nurturing communities. Comprising top-notch digital experts, accomplished online marketing specialists, and highly regarded data professionals, our team is dedicated to guiding people to self-understanding and connection.

Meet Our Digital Team

Meet Our Digital Operations Team dedicated to delivering reliable resources, accessible services, and nurturing communities.

Daniel Rivette
Daniel Rivette Co-Founder, CEO
Jeff Smith Headshot
Jeff Smith Co-Founder, Venture Advisor
Andrew O'Connor, Digital Operations
Andrew O’Connor Senior Digital Strategist
Ben Wittams-Smith
Ben Wittams-Smith Search Engine Optimization
Helena Georgiou
Helena Georgiou Co-Founder, Director
Sandip Singh
Sandip Singh Graphic Design
Colby Braun
Colby Braun Media Manager
Simone Paget
Simone Paget Senior Editor, Writer
Chris Kihneman
Chris Kihneman Freelance, Senior Developer
Angelo Ilumba
Angelo Ilumba Freelance, Content
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