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Ross Mckenzie is a passionate advocate for mental health and personal transformation. As a somatic-relational psychology facilitator, he specializes in addressing the root causes of mental health challenges. Ross also excels as a life coach and speaker, renowned for his expertise in redesigning one’s life after experiencing mental health challenges.

One of Ross’s most recognized achievements is his role as a nationally recognized film producer. His feature-length documentary, “Bipolarized,” has received acclaim for its deeply personal and introspective portrayal of his extraordinary journey from a misdiagnosis to a revitalized life.

In addition to his work in the film industry, Ross plays an important role as a valued contributor to He shares his expertise and commitment to mental health advocacy, actively raising awareness and offering guidance to people in their pursuit of well-being.

Furthermore, Ross has been the owner and operator of Casa Maracuya retreat in Costa Rica since January 2015, helping clients expand their mental wellness toolkit and implement strategies for optimal living. He resides in Costa Rica with his wife and two beautiful children.



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Ross Mckenzie

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