Editorial Policy

MentalHealth.com Editorial Policy

As a people-first health technology company, we are dedicated to empowering patients with reliable, trustworthy resources that offer valuable insight into mental health conditions and treatment options.

Our content is designed to guide and support, not replace the advice of licensed physicians, therapists, and mental health professionals. While we rigorously review all our content to assure its accuracy, it’s important to seek professional treatment and diagnosis from a licensed therapist or medical professional if you have mental health concerns.

If you, or someone you know, is having a mental health emergency, we encourage you to visit your nearest emergency room, call 911, call or text 988 to connect with the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline, where trained crisis workers are available to talk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fully confidential and toll free, these centers provide crisis counseling and mental health referrals.

We are Independent and Unbiased

MentalHealth.com works diligently to create a healthcare platform that is equitable, unbiased and not influenced by outside corporate interests. We are a self-funded start-up that is 100% editorially independent. MentalHealth.com does not receive funding from any mental health service providers or the pharmaceutical industry.

Guided by the principles of community, transparency and neutrality, all editorial decisions regarding the content published on this site are made by the MentalHealth.com Editorial Team under the guidance of our Medical Affairs Team.

To maintain a continued relationship of trust with our audience, MentalHealth.com also requires all writers and editors to disclose conflicts of interest, including financial or personal relationships with any persons, groups or organizations.

Our Content Quality Commitment

MentalHealth.com is committed to providing mental health information you can trust. Prior to publication, our Medical Affairs Team reviews all editorial content to ensure that the information is medically accurate, reflects current standards of care and is well supported by up-to-date research.

Our Medical Affairs Team consists of a dedicated group of mental health professionals, industry experts and healthcare professionals that work diligently to help ensure the accuracy and integrity of all MentalHealth.com content, products, and services.

Any content that discusses scientific, clinical or medical matters is vetted for both accuracy and clarity. We understand that our content helps people make important health decisions, therefore we translate complex scientific concepts into content that’s accessible and easy to understand.

To ensure we’re providing the most accurate and comprehensive information possible, we will make it clear when there’s a scientific consensus on a topic and where there is competing or emerging information.

Keeping Information Current

MentalHealth.com regularly reviews and updates content to assure it meets the most up-to-date clinical standards. Every piece of content you find on MentalHealth.com includes the following:

  • The original date of publication
  • The date of the most recent update
  • The date of last medical review
  • The date of any significant updates that occurred between original publication and the most current update

During these routine reviews, facts, figures, and findings from government agencies, industry and professional associations, and non-profit organizations will be checked for medical accuracy and reliability.

Our Writers and Editors

MentalHealth.com creates carefully researched content on all topics pertaining to mental health and treatment options. All of our articles are written by our Editorial Team of professional writers and editors that work hard to produce valuable resources.

To ensure the content published on MentalHealth.com is well-researched and accurate, all written content undergoes multiple rounds of editing and reviews. The first round of editing is completed by our editors before medical professionals further review the content. Prior to publication, all content is once again reviewed by our editors to ensure it meets professional journalistic standards.


All sources must be deemed trustworthy and reputable by our Editorial Team and Medical Affairs Team. To satisfy our content standards in terms of reliability, the information found in our resources is researched from government agencies, industry and professional associations, non-profit organizations, medical journals, medical organizations and relevant publications.

Outbound Links

The purpose of our content is to provide value to our audience. When creating content, MentalHealth.com may link to external web pages if they relate to a source or other noteworthy piece of information cited in the text. Links to external websites may also be used to provide additional information or assistance to our readers.

All outbound links are directed to web pages deemed trustworthy and reputable by our Editorial Team and Medical Affairs Team. This includes academic journals, government agencies, industry and professional associations, non-profit organizations, universities and colleges, and other ethically sound sources of journalism.

Prior to publication, our editorial team reviews the quality of external links as part of our standard editorial review process.

Under no circumstances does MentalHealth.com offer links in exchange for payment. To avoid confusion, all outbound links are listed as no-follow.

Corrections Policy

At MentalHealth.com, our commitment lies in providing accurate and easily understandable mental health information. We promptly rectify any errors or ambiguities in our content as determined necessary by the Editorial Team and Medical Affairs Team.

For minor errors such as spelling, grammar, or style, adjustments will be made to the content without prior notice, as they do not impact the overall meaning and intent.

However, for significant errors that impact the meaning of intent of the content, we will notify readers of the corrections made, along with the date and a concise summary of inaccuracies. This notice will be placed at the bottom of the article and will remain visible for a period of 30 days.

Reviewing and Updating Our Editorial Policy

As with all of our content, our Editorial Team will review, revise and/or our editorial policy periodically. When we revise our Editorial Policy we will include on this page the following:

  • Original publication date
  • Date of last change
  • Date of last review

If significant changes are made to our editorial policy, we will notify our audience and explain the specific changes and the reasons they were made.