The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.

  • Nov 3rd 2023
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MentalHealth.com Team Photo 2024
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I’m not a basketball player but I appreciate the ethos that NBA championship coach Phil Jackson is communicating with this quote. His words are a clear reminder of how important it is to rely on one another to overcome challenges and succeed. Teams have been central to my experience and have always helped me maintain balance and perspective, while at the same time pushing me to perform at my best. 

A team is a community that provides purpose in life’s journey. We all need positive support from others in our lives, just as others need the positive support we offer. 

I’m Dan Rivette, CEO and Co-Founder at MentalHealth.com. I’m leading off my first blog post to express my enthusiasm for the privilege of working with the professionals at MentalHealth.com and to emphasize the incredible opportunity we have to make a positive impact on individual’s lives. We are in the initial stages of our company’s journey, but when I see the dedication of those around me, it consistently energizes me to lead effectively and work towards achieving our goals.

At MentalHealth.com, we hold extensive and diverse expertise in behavioral health, information technology, and business. Our mission involves guiding people towards self-understanding and connection by offering resources, services, and communities that educate, support, and empower well-being.

Society is stretching individuals beyond their limits, and many are grappling with extraordinary levels of stress, isolation and fear. This is definitely not what we want, and it’s no way to spend our lives. The velocity of change paired with uber-pervasive technology, hyper competitive economic expectations, intense political hostility, and infinite “options” everywhere is flat-out overwhelming, and shows no sign of slowing down. I may not be able to stop this wave, but I can acknowledge it for what it is and strive to empower people with positive resources that assist us all in finding a balance.

As a collective, it’s crucial that we pause, establish boundaries, and intentionally prioritize our mental health, enabling us to be at our best for ourselves and those around us. With that said, each day at MentalHealth.com, we collectively work on developing a world-class team and platform capable of providing support to everyone.

We take our responsibility seriously and remain inspired by the individuals and organizations who have joined us in our mission.

Daniel Rivette, CEO and Co-Founder (Left), Engages in Strategy Discussion with Brian Trisler, Co-Founder of A Place for Mom and Advisor to the MentalHealth.com Venture Team (Right)

To briefly touch on my background, I dedicated several years in my career to serving in the military. One of the primary lessons I learned from my initial days in uniform was the significance of looking out for those around me. Military units rely on each other not just for success but, in combat situations, for their very survival. The most successful units internalize this principle and fully give their all to everything they do to ensure they never let their teammates down.

My initial experience with mental health challenges took place after my return from overseas military service. PTSD resulting from combat became a significant issue that impacted individuals around me. It was unfamiliar and often confusing, but our care for one another compelled us to confront it directly. A team can only become aware of its needs and address them promptly by nurturing healthy relationships. We gained awareness through discussions about our combat experiences. We encouraged each other to connect during weekends or socialize whenever possible. Moreover, we maintained an environment where everyone was able to seek assistance and remained available to support one another when needed. It was our process to assist each other in various ways, enabling us to transition back to life at home so we could all move on. 

Whether it’s colleagues, friends, or loved ones, we must make a deliberate effort to ensure people are doing well. We must remember the basics of looking out for those around us. It doesn’t have to be over-the-top, but when we are intentional, we all, as a community, stand to gain from it.

Daniel Rivette, CEO and Co-Founder (Left), Patrick Nagle, Co-Founder (Center), and Brandon Mimms, Chief Social Officer and Co-Founder (Right), Enjoying a Team-Building Adventure

At MentalHealth.com, prioritizing our team’s well-being is an integral part of our culture, and the trust our team members place in us serves as a driving force behind our performance.

As CEO, I have a range of responsibilities to address, but one aspect I am committed to driving across all our teams is our dedication to looking out for one another. Our strength and success stem from the capabilities we collectively deliver as a group—a united community in pursuit of a shared objective. Additionally, it is crucial to recognize that the people you collaborate with daily to accomplish a mission truly make a difference. I enjoy working together, tackling challenges, and I’m eagerly looking forward to meeting those who will be joining our team.

Numerous communities played a pivotal role in my development and growth. It’s fulfilling to pay it forward and do the same for others.

After speaking with others and conducting my own research, I discovered America’s Warrior Partnership and their mission of collaborating with communities to combat veteran suicide. They have dedicated years to developing programs that connect veterans, their family members, communities, and national resources, all with the aim of enhancing veterans’ lives. This is an important effort, and I’m proud to announce that MentalHealth.com will allocate a portion of its revenue to support this remarkable organization.

As I mentioned at the beginning, we are in the initial stages of introducing MentalHealth.com to the world. Our team is united, and we understand the significance of the tasks ahead. We will look out for one another, and by doing so, we are confident in our success.


Daniel Rivette, CEO and Co-Founder of MentalHealth.com (Left), alongside Patrick Nagle, Co-Founder (Right), After Completing a Race
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MentalHealth.com is a health technology company guiding people towards self-understanding and connection. The platform offers reliable resources, accessible services, and nurturing communities. Its mission involves educating, supporting, and empowering people in their pursuit of well-being.

Daniel Rivette
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Daniel Rivette is a West Point graduate, and former U.S. Army Captain, with an International MBA from EM Lyon. He is a natural-born leader, motivator, and strategist with 20+ years of experience leading venture-backed startups.

Published: Nov 3rd 2023, Last edited: May 6th 2024