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  • Oct 2nd 2023
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October 3, 2023, San Francisco, CA – Leading patient-first health technology company launches online platform dedicated to simplifying care access, empowering patient choice, and enhancing care quality.

“We are proud to introduce, a patient-first platform that brings together health information and navigational services,” shares CEO and Co-Founder, Daniel Rivette. “Currently, features a comprehensive library of mental health resources that provide accurate, reliable, and timely information on mental health conditions, medication, and therapy.” Rivette notes, “In the near future, will transform into an innovative hub where information meets innovation.” 

Having experienced mental health challenges firsthand, Co-Founders Helena Georgiou, Dr. Jesse Hanson, PhD, Brandon Mimms, Patrick Nagle, Daniel Rivette and Jeff Smith came together to make optimal mental health attainable for everyone. Comprised of seasoned medical professionals, healthtech leaders, and mental health care experts, the team at is committed to patient-first solutions and support.

Co-Founder Patrick Nagle explains, "Collective mental health stands as one of the world's most significant and complex challenges, often plagued by inaccessibility, excessive complexity, and high costs. That is why our team is devoted to providing patients with many valuable benefits: we aim to make it easier for patients to find what they need, we strive to help set higher standards, and we aspire to enable health service comparison—efficiency improvements that drive accountability and empower patients with choice."

In the upcoming months, the company will announce key partnerships and introduce prominent members of both its venture advisory and clinical care teams, each sharing alignment with the pursuit of making optimal mental health attainable for all.

About is a patient-first health technology company driven by its mission to make optimal mental health attainable for everyone. With a focus on expanding care access, empowering patient choice, and enhancing care quality, the company delivers innovative solutions that support individuals throughout their mental health journey.

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