Medical Affairs Team

Our Medical Affairs Team is a group of medical professionals with diverse and extensive clinical experience. Comprising specialists in psychiatry, psychotherapy, counseling, and social work, our team is dedicated to guiding people towards self-understanding and connection. Diligently ensuring that our content is high-quality and up-to-date, we draw on invaluable insight into medical advances and current diagnostic and treatment guidelines.

Dr. Jesse Hanson, PhD Dr. Jesse Hanson, PhD Co-Founder, Clinical Director

Dr. Jesse Hanson, PhD, is a somatic psychologist with 20+ years of experience. He holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, specializing in somatic and neuropsychology, and a master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Santa Barbara Graduate Institute.

Dr. Jenni Jacobsen, PhD Dr. Jenni Jacobsen, PhD Medical Reviewer, Writer

Dr. Jenni Jacobsen, PhD is a medical reviewer, licensed social worker, and behavioral health consultant, holding a PhD in clinical psychology.

Brittany Ferri Dr. Brittany Ferri, PhD Medical Reviewer

Dr. Brittany Ferri, PhD, is a medical reviewer and subject matter expert in behavioral health, pediatrics, and telehealth.

Dr. Leila Khurshid Dr. Leila Khurshid Medical Reviewer

Dr. Leila Khursid is a medical reviewer with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and completed a PGY1 Pharmacy Residency from St. Mark's Hospital.

Victoria Clarke Victoria Clarke Medical Reviewer

Victoria Clarke is a medical reviewer and a registered pediatric nurse specializing in child and adolescent mental health.

Morgan Blair Morgan Blair Medical Reviewer

Morgan Blair is a licensed therapist, writer and medical reviewer, holding a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling from Northwestern University.

Rychel Johnson Rychel Johnson Medical Reviewer

Rychel Johnson is a licensed professional counselor and medical reviewer with a Master's Degree in Psychology from The University of Kansas.

Tayler Hackett Tayler Hackett Medical Reviewer

Talyer Hackett is a medical writer and researcher with 10+ years of experience, holding B.A. in Psychology from the University of Liverpool.

jayna-nickert Jayna Nickert Medical Reviewer

Jayna Nickert is a medical writer with 10+ years of experience, holding an MA in counseling psychology and an MBA from National University.

Amy Shelby Amy Shelby Medical Reviewer

Amy Shelby is a medical reviewer with a B.A. in Psychology from Northwestern and an M.S. in Psychology from Chatham University.

Editorial Policy

Explore our evidence-based editorial policy guiding, informative, reliable content.

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We empower readers through reliable, inclusive, and informative content, providing insights for every phase of their mental health journey. Guided by our editorial policy's emphasis on medical integrity, accuracy, and evidence-based research, our content undergoes a thorough review process to convey up-to-date mental health discussions and research.

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Our medical affairs team ensures that our content is medically accurate and reflects the latest discussions and research developments in mental health.