Therapy, also known as “psychotherapy” or “counseling”, involves meeting with a therapist to address issues such as problematic behaviors, beliefs, emotions, relationship challenges, and bodily sensations. Taking the step to start therapy is a significant move toward becoming your healthiest self and leading your best life, regardless of the obstacles you may be facing. Through therapy, you can modify self-destructive patterns, alleviate emotional distress, enhance your relationships, and achieve various positive changes in your life.


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What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy, often referred to as talk therapy or simply “therapy,” is a treatment method designed to alleviate emotional distress and address mental health issues. [1]

What are the main types of psychotherapy?

Numerous forms of psychotherapy exist, with the two most commonly practiced being psychodynamic therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy. [2]

Is psychotherapy effective?

Psychotherapy is an effective approach that can reduce the overall need for mental health services and contribute to long-term improvements in mental health. [3]

Do I really need psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy may be necessary if you experience high levels of anxiety, a pervasive sense of being overwhelmed, persistent overthinking, and find it challenging to escape from negative thought patterns.[4]

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