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From booking in-person consultations to accessing online therapy, our services and resources are always designed with people first.

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Our comprehensive library of resources offers accurate, reliable, and timely information on mental health conditions, medication, and therapy.
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Find the best licensed therapists, psychologists and counselors and compare treatment costs with our extensive directory.
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Access therapy from home with thousands of licensed therapists and experienced mental health counselors.

Leadership Team

Get to know our leadership team who share a united commitment to empower every individual we serve.

Brandon Mimms
Brandon Mimms Co-Founder, CSO
Helena Georgiou
Helena Georgiou Co-Founder, Director
Fred Joyal
Fred Joyal Venture Advisor
Daniel Rivette
Daniel Rivette Co-Founder, CEO
Dr. Jesse Hanson, PhD
Dr. Jesse Hanson, PhD Co-Founder, Clinical Director
Ryan Hampton
Ryan Hampton Advisor, Public Oversight Committee
Colby Braun
Colby Braun Strategic Consultant
Tristan Kitchin
Tristan Kitchin Senior Product Officer
Abhilash Patel
Abhilash Patel Venture Advisor
Gary Saint-Denis
Gary Saint-Denis Venture Advisor
Sandip Singh
Sandip Singh Creative Director Appoints Co-Founder Jeff Smith to Venture Advisory Team and Digital Operations
Jeff Smith Co-Founder and Venture Advisor
Brian Trisler
Brian Trisler Venture Advisor
Ben Wittams-Smith
Ben Wittams-Smith Technical SEO Director

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