Digital Team

Our Digital Operations Team is a dedicated group of experts in digital strategy, technology, and online marketing with extensive industry experience. Upholding a mission that involves educating, supporting, and empowering people in their pursuit of well-being.

Daniel Rivette Daniel Rivette Co-Founder, CEO

Daniel Rivette is a West Point graduate, and former U.S. Army Captain, with an International MBA from EM Lyon. He is a natural-born leader, motivator, and strategist with 20+ years of experience leading venture-backed startups.

Patrick Nagle Patrick Nagle Co-Founder

Patrick Nagle is a tech entrepreneur and venture investor known for creating successful internet companies. Today, driven by a combination of professional expertise and personal experience, he is committed to guiding people towards self-understanding and connection.

Jeff Smith Headshot Jeff Smith Co-Founder, Venture Advisor

Jeff Smith, a seasoned digital marketer, health tech founder, and investor, brings two decades of expertise to his advisory role at His journey began during Google's early days, and he has since founded industry-leading companies responsible for over $100M in annual organic traffic value and $220M in M&A transactions.

Andrew O'Connor, Digital Operations Andrew O’Connor Senior Digital Strategist

Andrew O'Connor, senior digital strategist with 14 years' expertise, excels in SEO, integrating insights and best practices for impactful results.

Ben Wittams-Smith Ben Wittams-Smith Search Engine Optimization

Ben Wittams-Smith is a SEO Director, assuming responsibility for supervising digital strategy, content generation, and website analytics.

Helena Georgiou Helena Georgiou Co-Founder, Director

Helena Georgiou is a distinguished project manager with a proven track record of successfully implementing large-scale operations and driving tangible growth.

James Wittams-Smith James Wittams-Smith Manager

James Wittams-Smith is an SEO Manager with 15+ years of expertise in the field, specializing in high-quality link-building campaigns.

Sandip Singh Sandip Singh Graphic Design

Sandip Singh is a designer with 15+ years of experience in user experience, brand identity, and web development.

Colby Braun Colby Braun Media Manager

Colby Braun is a strategic business consultant with 17+ years of experience, holding a Master's Degree from the University of Maryland.

Simone Paget Simone Paget Senior Editor, Writer

With over a decade of writing experience, Simone utilizes her personal experience with anxiety and natural writing talents to empower people in their pursuit of well-being.

Chris Kihneman Chris Kihneman Freelance, Senior Developer

Chris Kihneman is a senior developer with over a decade of expertise in crafting high-performance, tailor-made websites and apps. His collaborative work with marketing and product teams focuses on guiding people towards self-understanding and connection.

Angelo Ilumba Angelo Ilumba Freelance, Content

With over a decade of expertise, Angelo Ilumba specializes in SEO-focused writing and UX optimization. He adeptly edits content to elevate digital experiences while crafting effective content strategies that yield significant results.

Featured Contributions

Our Digital Operations Team is committed to providing reliable resources, accessible services, and nurturing communities.