Medical Affairs

Our medical affairs team at consists of experts in their respective fields who actively contribute to the development of our resources. With backgrounds in research institutions, professional organizations, and private practice, our healthcare professionals possess diverse and extensive clinical experience.

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Meet Our Medical Affairs Team

Our medical affairs team ensures high-quality mental health information for all.

Dr. Jesse Hanson, PhD
Dr. Jesse Hanson, PhD Co-Founder, Clinical Director
Dr. Jenni Jacobsen, PhD
Dr. Jenni Jacobsen, PhD Medical Reviewer, Writer
Dr. Leila Khurshid
Dr. Leila Khurshid Medical Reviewer
Victoria Clarke
Victoria Clarke Medical Reviewer
Morgan Blair
Morgan Blair Medical Reviewer
Tayler Hackett
Tayler Hackett Medical Reviewer
Rychel Johnson
Rychel Johnson Medical Reviewer
Jayna Nickert Medical Reviewer
Amy Shelby
Amy Shelby Medical Reviewer
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Editorial Policy

Explore our evidence-based editorial policy guiding, informative, reliable content.

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We empower readers through reliable, inclusive, and informative content, providing insights for every phase of their mental health journey. Guided by our editorial policy's emphasis on medical integrity, accuracy, and evidence-based research, our content undergoes a thorough review process to convey up-to-date mental health discussions and research.

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Featured Publications

Stay up-to-date with the recent content contributions from our medical affairs team.