Leadership Team

Meet our leadership—a united group dedicated to guiding people towards self-understanding and connection. Our mission involves educating, supporting, and empowering people in their pursuit of well-being.

Daniel Rivette Daniel Rivette Co-Founder, CEO

Daniel Rivette is a West Point graduate, and former U.S. Army Captain, with an International MBA from EM Lyon. He is a natural-born leader, motivator, and strategist with 20+ years of experience leading venture-backed startups.

Dr. Jesse Hanson, PhD Dr. Jesse Hanson, PhD Co-Founder, Clinical Director

Dr. Jesse Hanson, PhD, is a somatic psychologist with 20+ years of experience. He holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, specializing in somatic and neuropsychology, and a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Santa Barbara Graduate Institute.

Patrick Nagle Patrick Nagle Co-Founder

Patrick Nagle is a tech entrepreneur and venture investor known for creating successful internet companies. Today, driven by a combination of professional expertise and personal experience, he is committed to guiding people towards self-understanding and connection.

Jeff Smith Headshot Jeff Smith Co-Founder, Venture Advisor

Jeff Smith, a seasoned digital marketer, health tech founder, and investor, brings two decades of expertise to his advisory role at MentalHealth.com. His journey began during Google’s early days, and he has since founded industry-leading companies responsible for over $100M in annual organic traffic value and $220M in M&A transactions.

Brandon Mimms Brandon Mimms Co-Founder, CSO

Brandon Mimms is a social media expert, experienced entrepreneur, and content creator, with 15+ years of experience. He has garnered global recognition for innovation in social media marketing, achieving the remarkable #1 rank in Canada, and #3 globally in social media entrepreneurship in 2021.

Ryan Hampton, Public Oversight Committee Ryan Hampton Public Oversight Committee

Ryan Hampton is a prominent advocate, speaker, author, and media commentator, recognized as a leading expert in America’s addiction recovery advocacy and mental health reform.

Abhilash Patel Abhilash Patel Venture Advisor

Abhilash Patel is a health tech founder, proven venture investor, and experienced CEO with nearly two decades of experience. As an investor, he founded Thermal, a venture studio that supports the growth of various companies, including a virtual clinic for eating disorders, where he served as CEO.

Fred Joyal Fred Joyal Venture Advisor

Fred Joyal is a Co-Founder of 1-800-DENTIST, entrepreneur, author, business coach, and speaker with 30+ years of healthcare experience.

Brian Trisler Brian Trisler Venture Advisor, Digital Strategy

Brian Trisler is an acclaimed healthcare leader, accomplished entrepreneur, and Co-Founder of A Place for Mom. With nearly three decades of entrepreneurship and tech expertise, Brian assumes the role of a strategic investor and business advisor to several prominent technology organizations.

Gary Saint-Denis Gary Saint-Denis Venture Advisor

Gary Saint-Denis is a Co-Founder of 1-800-DENTIST, entrepreneur, and strategist with over 30 years of experience in healthcare.

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Our leadership team is united in a commitment to empower every person we serve.