Helena Georgiou

Co-Founder, Director

Helena Georgiou is our Co-Founder and Director of Project Management. She excels in leadership and delivering results and co-founded MentalHealth.com with a mission to make optimal mental health attainable for everyone.

Fred Joyal


Meet Fred Joyal, our advisor and Co-Founder of 1-800-DENTIST. Fred is an entrepreneur, business coach, and speaker with over 30 years of healthcare experience.

Patrick Nagle


Patrick Nagle is our Co-Founder and first investor, a distinguished entrepreneur renowned for his talent in identifying and creating online products. Driven by both professional and personal experiences, Patrick is dedicated to creating a patient-first technology company that makes optimal mental health attainable for everyone.

Dr. Jesse Hanson, PhD

Co-Founder, MO

Dr. Jesse Hanson, PhD, is our Co-Founder and Clinical Advisor. He specializes in Clinical Psychology with a focus on somatic and neuropsychology. With over 14 years of holistic training, he currently serves as the Interim Clinical Director at Ryzio Institute and as a Clinical Advisor at HOLOS, a holistic living community.

Colby Braun

Strategic Consultant

Colby Braun is our strategic business consultant. He brings over a decade of management experience and expertise in successful app development.

Tristan Kitchin

Senior Product Officer

Tristan Kitchin is dedicated to making optimal mental health attainable for all by delivering impactful online solutions. With a passion for changing perceptions, he strives to ensure timely mental health assistance for everyone in need.

Josh Marshall


Josh Marshall is our dedicated accountant, business owner, and mental health advocate. He supports local businesses to grow and promotes positive mental well-being.

Brandon Mimms

Co-Founder, CSO

Renowned globally for entrepreneurship and innovation in social media marketing, Brandon's mission is centered on driving conversations, expanding communities, and eradicating mental health stigma.

Abhilash Patel


Meet Abhilash Patel, our advisor, a healthcare founder, and venture investor with nearly two decades of experience.

Daniel Rivette

Co-Founder, CEO

Daniel Rivette is our CEO and Co-Founder, a West Point graduate, and former U.S. Army Captain. He is a natural-born leader, motivator, and strategist with a proven track record of success in technology start-ups and strategic corporate initiatives. In his current role, Dan is dedicated to creating a patient-first technology company that makes optimal mental health attainable for everyone.

Gary Saint-Denis


Meet Gary Saint-Denis, our advisor, and Co-Founder of 1-800-DENTIST. Gary is an entrepreneur and strategist with over 30 years of experience in healthcare.

Sandip Singh

Creative Director

Sandip Singh is our Senior Creative Director. He boasts over 15 years of experience in web design and brand development. His expertise ensures our mission for optimal mental health is reflected in our digital presence.

Brian Trisler


Meet Brian Trisler, our advisor and the Founder of A Place for Mom, a multi-billion dollar senior care referral service.

Ben Wittams-Smith

Technical SEO Director

As a distinguished digital strategist and co-founder of multiple online ventures, Ben is dedicated to enabling access to essential mental health resources, ensuring people find the help and support they need.

James Wittams-Smith

Head of SEO

With 15 years of online marketing experience, James excels in customer acquisition in competitive markets. He is honored to leverage his expertise to help individuals discover their community and purpose.