Jeff Smith

Co-Founder, Venture Advisor

With nearly two decades of experience as a digital marketer, health technology founder, and investor, Jeff Smith brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his advisory role at Jeff’s journey began in the early days of digital marketing when Google was just a year old and emerging from a garage. Since then, Jeff has created industry-leading companies that have generated more than $100M+ annual organic traffic value, resulting in $220M in M&A transactions, where he served as both Founder and C-Suite Executive.

Over the years, he has honed his expertise and is now at the forefront of innovation in the mental health and wellness space. Jeff currently serves as Founder and CEO of Supermind Platforms, whose technology serves as trusted access points to wellness for consumers while enabling providers to attract patients and customers at scale.

As a heart-centered entrepreneur, Jeff has not only made a significant impact as a business advisor but has also played a pivotal role as an angel investor in 30+ startups. His commitment to supporting people on their inner journey through psychedelics, mental health, and wellness is a testament to his passion for making a positive difference in people’s lives.

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