Helena Georgiou


Helena Georgiou

Co-Founder, Director

Helena Georgiou is our Co-Founder and holds the position of Director of Project Management. She is distinguished by her exceptional leadership and a proven track record of successfully implementing large-scale operations and driving tangible growth. Her reputation as a go-to project manager for delivering results stems from her unique blend of exceptional management skills and a remarkable ability to effectively apply feedback.

Notably, in her previous role as Project Manager at Rehab.com, she oversaw the technical development of patient-first products that significantly increased registrations. She also played a crucial role in assisting the CEO and COO with a management reorganization and made valuable contributions to the team's successful business exit.

Now, as Co-Founder of MentalHealth.com, Helena's invaluable management skills and determination come into play as she assists those facing mental health challenges, drawing from her personal experience.