Patrick Nagle



Patrick Nagle


Patrick Nagle is our Co-Founder and first investor, a distinguished entrepreneur known for his talent in identifying and creating online products. Driven by both professional and personal experiences, he is committed to creating a patient-first technology company that makes optimal mental health attainable for everyone.

Nagle's journey as an entrepreneur started with, a website where college students could review their professors. He not only invested in it but also took on the role of CEO. Launched in 2001, the site quickly became the nation's top college website and was acquired by Viacom.

In 2016, Patrick founded and assumed the roles of original founder, first investor, and CEO. During his leadership, the company experienced signifcant growth, underwent a comprehensive management restructuring, and achieved a successful business exit.

In June of 2022, Patrick Nagle secured the highly coveted domain name, acknowledging mental health care as one of the world's most important and complex challenges. In his current role as the first investor and a Co-Founder of, Patrick is at the forefront of driving innovation, utilizing his extensive 20 years of experience